About Nick
2310 Oakton St., Evanston, IL, 60202
Nick has been adopted in March 2021….we are so happy 😊

Below is his story…..

I’m Nick (also lovingly referred to as Chunky, Pork Chop, Bubba and Slowpoke) and I’m so excited for a forever home! I love spending my days on the couch with my foster moms, sniffing out all the rabbits on our walks, and watching strangers out the window. I enjoy staying close to my humans — I’ve been known to cry when locked out of the bathroom, but I’m working on it! I’m a little skittish around other dogs so I’d prefer to be the only dog in the house.

I need someone to help me get down to a healthy weight. I’ve lost 10 lbs so far and it’s going great! My energy is coming up each day and I’m up to walking two miles with my foster mom. I’m potty trained and working on basic commands (I’ve got “sit” down perfectly!), but I could use some manners when taking treats, and on a leash and I can be a bit stubborn. If you’re looking for a loving buddy to keep you company, I’m your guy!
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2310 Oakton St., Evanston, IL, 60202

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Forgotten Dogs Foundation is an incredible cause. I’m a huge dog lover myself and having known Anthony for many years since he was a young 16-year-old player at West Ham, coaching with me at Tottenham and then following his coaching career. I know how much he cares about dogs too. This foundation is a really great way to save as many lives as possible and really support shelters and initiatives...
Harry Redknapp - Premier League Manager
Transparency and high ethics and most of all…saving the lives of forgotten dogs. What a great mission! Please support this amazing cause for these amazing dogs!
Stuart Lancaster - Leinster Rugby / ex England Head Coach
Ive known Anthony for a number of years now, he has great qualities as a coach and educator. These are surpassed by his qualities as a person. His passion for this project highlights the compassion behind it and driven by his love for dogs, his dream has become a reality in the shape of the Forgotten Dogs Foundation. Please support this wonderful cause and change the future of the forgotten dogs.
Paul Barron - International and ex Premier League Coach and Player
I and my family are massive dog lovers and know how much joy they bring to everyone. They deserve great lives and should be given every chance to have one. I know Anthony Hudson very well who is involved with FDF. It’s a brilliant cause and with everyone’s help it will make such a difference.Please spread the word to make a positive step forward to their lives.
Peter Taylor - Football Manager
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